Comments from some of our guests:

Mack and Connie – I had such a great time. Loved LOVED every moment. I’ve been telling everyone about you guys. We were beyond blessed to have so very randomly found THE best outfitters in Montana!! This trip was supposed to be a do-nothing, think-nothing vacation. In the end, I learned so much; not just about nature but a new found appreciation of our nation’s wonderful history.

–Tanny H. – Washington D.C.

Dear Mack and Connie, Just writing this little note to say thank you again for a fantastic trip. Not only was the trip filled with beautiful views, kind people, and wonderful stock, but I actually really learned to pack. It was very inspirational as well – I can’t wait to get back on the mule and get into the Bob! Connie – although you weren’t on the trip (sadly) all of your hard work planning really showed. The meals were top-notch and it was clear how much hard work was put into the trip. Mack – you were a fantastic leader. you were a great teacher and I really enjoyed talking with you. You have had so many experiences and I’m so happy for you to be living such a wonderful new chapter of your life. Thank you all so much and have a wonderful rest of the season.

–Kellyn F. – Montana 

Hi Connie:  I wanted to tell you that we really enjoyed the trip this past week!  It lived up to every expectation and we are anxious to do it again next year.  The crew was very helpful and sincere about everyone having a good time.  I especially appreciated the professional manner Mack guided the group.  I felt that he really went out of his way to make sure we were safe, comfortable, and that we enjoyed ourselves.

–Daniel W. – Montana

Connie and Mack –

I am at home and back into the normal routine, but feeling homesick for The Bob and good care and company that you all provided for us.

It is a privilege to be able to have access to such a wonderful place, and I thank you for making the trip possible.  It is something that I had wanted to do for such a long time and now all I can think about is how soon I can come back . I don’t know if it will be possible but I am certainly working on the possibility.

You run a wonderful outfit – great staff, great stock and wonderful food.  And a definite feeling that you were looking out for us and working to make sure we all had a good time, and were safe and comfortable.

My invitation to you to stay with us if you ever come to Australia was sincere – I would enjoy making you welcome – although I don’t  think our landscape quite measures up to Montana – it may well be The Last Best Place.

Very best wishes and a big hug

— Jan R. – Australia


Mack and Connie, you run a fine business, keep up the good work. The cuisine a perfect 10 – the fresh salads and variety of the tasty meats was over the top. We appreciated the cots. You staff were so helpful and professional but still so much fun. Kevin is a keeper – quite a capable, calm hand. Mack, I will not forget your dry humor comment on the muzzle conversation “Do they work on horses too”? You did a wonderful job, Mack, of leading the team and guiding the guests. We really enjoyed riding the mules. Thanks!

— Janice – from Montana


Mack, I really do not know where to begin to thank you for an over the top dream come true trip for me. Your composed caring personality is so reassuring and helpful. Picking Murray for me was the perfect mule for me to ride. All the very best to you and Connie. I really appreciated everything!!!!! Always,

— Ardi, “Sarge” – from South Dakota


I’m so impressed with your stock and extras around camp – the tents, cots, chairs, mats, outhouse, etc. Your guides are excellent and really enjoyed their interaction. I want you to know your quiet, confident demeanor instills reassurance and I enjoyed your humor and dry wit. All in all what a great trip. Thank you!

— Mona – from Idaho


Aug 3-9, 2012

What an incredible trip! I consider myself very fortunate to go into “The Bob” with such a great group of people both in terms of guests and the crew. Mack was a great guide, historian, and was a wealth of information on topics and questions we had ranging from bears to wolves, why fish lengths and limits are different between lakes and streams, and many other questions from the guests. He took every opportunity in the middle of working and overseeing everything to make sure all guests, crew, and animals were well taken care of. While I usually don’t get too fancy for meals when out in the woods, our cook and crew member Sandi sat us down for meals that were flavorful, varied, filling, and downright impressive for being so many miles from your average kitchen.

When it comes to the four wranglers and packers besides Mack, crew member Jeff was what I can only describe as “Worldly” in that he is very well traveled, friendly, funny, and educated on many subjects. Kevin is not only hard working and knowledgeable, but went out of his way for the guests and crew one morning to go back on a trail we had gone on the day before and collect fresh huckleberries to put in the pancakes for a breakfast that made for a great start to the day. Nancy and Steve are some of the hardest working people I have seen, and just as friendly. When they actually did get to take a break and we got to talk to them, what a treat. Everyone in the crew had great stories and experiences they were willing to share.

When it comes to fellow guests, I really lucked out. I took a winter class on packing mules and horses (that I highly recommend) with two friends two winters ago. When a second summer came around after the class and we all again couldn’t get to go together, I decided I couldn’t wait any longer to scratch a Bob Marshall Pack Trip off of my bucket list. I went as the loner on this trip and now have seven more friends. We had some great laughs and got to share some great views, rides, laughs, meals, fishing, stories, and conversations. I also have a new card game to share with friends and family too.

Last but not least, I have to say that at the trailhead by the horse/mule/rider matchmaking wisdom of Mack and Connie, I was paired up with a great horse. “Bart” was with me the whole way and made for a great experience. I am no horseman, but he has set a new standard for me when it comes to riding and I think most could say the same about the other stock that Connie and Mack matched them up with.

In the end I did get to scratch a pack trip into “The Bob” off of my bucket list, but I decided on our last day riding out, this wasn’t my last pack trip in. I can’t put into words how impressive it is to see the string of mules going down the trail. The whole experience is a healthy one providing perspective on what most of us call everyday life. I moved to Montana in 2003 and it took me nine years to do this trip. I can assure you it won’t take another nine for me to go back and see some more of “The Bob” with Mack and/or Connie and their crew (Bart included). Happy Trails…

— Mark M. – from Montana


A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about the fabulous trip to “The Wall” with you! Everything was just so perfect. So many folks I’ve shared my photos with are envious.

— Marcie M. – from  Arizona


We had a very enjoyable Wilderness trip with Mack & Connie. They work diligently to accommodate each person’s needs including matching up horses with riders and checking to see if you are safe & comfortable.  Trips into the great outdoors always create a big appetite and our home cooked meals were plentiful as we sat around the campfire visiting about the day’s events.  It was only when we were driving home that we remembered our REAL life–problems to attend to, bills needing payment and projects to be done!

— John W. & Myra M. – from Montana

We were looking for a fun father & son fishing trip adventure in the Bob Marshall.  Connie, Mack and staff took us into some beautiful fishing areas and made sure we had a GREAT time.  The fishing, scenery and camaraderie  with the other guests was terrific.   Their attention to detail and looking out for the safety  of each guest was impressive.  We’ll be back!

— Bob and Scott M. – from Montana


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