Trip Details

Young's Creek Blue Ribbon Fishing and Scenery

August 26-31, 2024

6 days – 5 nights 

1 to 2 Spots available


Come join us for a wilderness pack trip to the Blue Ribbon Fishing World of Young’s Creek. Let us be your guide to one of the best fishing spots in the “Bob”. Here the West Slope Cutthroat Trout are abundant and fun to catch. We have had die hard fisherman come back to camp to rest because they just needed a break from catching so many fish. It is remarkable.

Not into fishing? That’s okay! This is one of the most beautiful places in the “Bob” as well. You can take day rides to see the surrounding area and enjoy the solitude as well.

The Young’s Creek area has an abundant of history about the mountain man, Kid Young, who was a trapper here in the 1800’s. On the way  in you will ride past the remnants of one of his trapping cabins.

 This trip truly is a one in a life time trip to enjoy and make life long memories in the heart of the Bob Marshall Wilderness. 


This trip offers:

  • Scenery – beautiful valleys, majestic mountains that surround, varied terrain throughout the entire ride
  • Solitude – quiet peaceful days and starry nights
  • History – visit of 1880’s trapper Kid Young
  • Fishing – purest strain of West Slope Cutthroat trout
  • Wildlife – Moose, Deer, Elk to name a few 

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Total Cost: $3000.00 per person  

*A deposit of $1500.00 per person, will hold a place just for you on this awesome pack trip.


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A summer pack trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness is our specialty. We focus our entire business on this kind of trip. Since that is all we do, we are very good at giving a very special wilderness experience. We would love to take you and your party into the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

We are passionate about the Bob Marshall Wilderness and very much enjoy guiding our guests through some of the most beautiful country in the world. Here our guests can enjoy excellent stream and lake fishing, excellent camping facilities, top quality food as well as a very unique wilderness experience.

Our trips are planned for the complete enjoyment and relaxation of our guests and go into some of the finest fishing and least exploited sections of our vast wilderness so that our guests can obtain a very special wilderness experience. As we travel we do our best to interpret the flora and fauna, as well as the many geological and historical features of the unique area we are traveling through. The Bob Marshall is ideally suited for the family type vacation as it offers something for everyone. There is unequaled scenery and plenty of opportunity for enjoying the out-of-doors in its natural state, away from the problems and pressures in the world today.

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