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Danaher Meadows and Spring Flowers

June 12 – 18, 2023

7 days – 6 night

Come join us for a wilderness pack trip to the Danaher Valley. There is a great deal of history to learn here and late 1800 – early 1900 homesteads to visit. Let us tell you the stories of Tom Danaher and how he came to settle in this beautiful valley. You will have the opportunity to ride up Whiskey Ridge, be ready for this interesting story on how this part of the trail obtained its name. We plan to visit an 80 foot waterfall. The day rides on our layover days will take you to places where you can view the entire valley and the mountains surrounding this majestic place.

This is a beautiful time of year to visit this most awesome historic place. The spring wildflowers will be at their peak. The wildlife that is usually there this time of year and for your viewing will be Sandhill Cranes that nest there. We often see Moose with a young calf as well as bull Moose and their full set of antlers. With the Danaher River flowing through the valley we often have the opportunity to see Beaver working on their homes or out for a swim. This is just a few of the wildlife species that are there most of the time we come to visit.

The wildflowers will be at their best. Don’t miss out on this trip, there is so much to see, learn and fishing if you wish. The Danaher is one of our most favorite places to visit in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.



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Total Cost: $3,250.00 per person

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A summer pack trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness is our specialty. We focus our entire business on this kind of trip. Since that is all we do, we are very good at giving a very special wilderness experience. We would love to take you and your party into the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

We are passionate about the Bob Marshall Wilderness and very much enjoy guiding our guests through some of the most beautiful country in the world. Here our guests can enjoy excellent stream and lake fishing, excellent camping facilities, top quality food as well as a very unique wilderness experience.

Our trips are planned for the complete enjoyment and relaxation of our guests and go into some of the finest fishing and least exploited sections of our vast wilderness so that our guests can obtain a very special wilderness experience. As we travel we do our best to interpret the flora and fauna, as well as the many geological and historical features of the unique area we are traveling through. The Bob Marshall is ideally suited for the family type vacation as it offers something for everyone. There is unequaled scenery and plenty of opportunity for enjoying the out-of-doors in its natural state, away from the problems and pressures in the world today.

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