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Lakes of The Bob Marshall

August 2nd-8th, 2024

7 days – 6 nights



Let us be your guides to a high alpine scenic tour with a stop at one of the most beautiful places in the “Bob”.  The scenery of the wilderness pack trip will be outstanding. 

This tour will be in an area of the wilderness that is seldom visited by others. That is one of the attributes that makes this trip so special.

A typical itinerary is to ride a day and do what is called a layover day. This gives you a chance to explore and enjoy the particular area we have stopped to visit. This day is completely yours to do what you would like, such as relax, hike or take a day ride to see the surrounding area. We love to do what we call “interpret the wilderness” and educate you to the Native American history, the flora and fauna and unique events that have occurred over time in the area. 

We would enjoy your company on this historic wilderness pack trip where you will ride trail wise horses and mules just like our ancestors did. We will transport the camp and your belongings the “old

fashioned” way, mantied (Spanish word meaning “to bundle”) on our mules joined together to create a mule string (train). This method of transporting cargo is truly a sight to see and becoming a lost art. We are very proud to continue this tradition.

We truly hope this is a trip that tweaks your desire to live 7 days at a slower pace, ride 3 miles an hour (the average speed of a trail horse), listen to the clippity clop of their hooves on the trail, see the wonders of the wilderness, enjoy the solitude and relaxation a trip such as this offers, learn about the Native American history and of the Mountain Men who frequented this area long ago, become inspired by just being in a wilderness setting which is so special and unique. 

We look forward to hearing from you and adding your name onto our roster for this very special diverse wilderness pack trip vacation.


This trip offers:


Total Cost: $4000.00 per person   

*A deposit of $1500.00 per person, will hold a place just for you on this awesome trip.


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A summer pack trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness is our specialty. We focus our entire business on this kind of trip. Since that is all we do, we are very good at giving a very special wilderness experience. We would love to take you and your party into the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

We are passionate about the Bob Marshall Wilderness and very much enjoy guiding our guests through some of the most beautiful country in the world. Here our guests can enjoy excellent stream and lake fishing, excellent camping facilities, top quality food as well as a very unique wilderness experience.
Our trips are planned for the complete enjoyment and relaxation of our guests and go into some of the finest fishing and least exploited sections of our vast wilderness so that our guests can obtain a very special wilderness experience. As we travel we do our best to interpret the flora and fauna, as well as the many geological and historical features of the unique area we are traveling through. The Bob Marshall is ideally suited for the family type vacation as it offers something for everyone. There is unequaled scenery and plenty of opportunity for enjoying the out-of-doors in its natural state, away from the problems and pressures in the world today.

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