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What kind of food is served on the trail?

Our quality meals are nutritious, satisfying and prepared fresh each day. The meals are hearty to assure no one goes hungry.  There are options for lighter appetites as well.  Snacks will be available throughout the day.  We have a covered dining area with tables and chairs.  Every table has a view!

What if I have limited or no riding experience?

We will match your level of experience to a horse or mule that will fit your skill level.  Our gentle riding animals are quality mountain animals.  They are accustomed to riders with a wide range of experience.  You will be riding with a group of guests, as well as a guide.  Before we leave the trailhead, you will be given basic instruction on how to ride.

Are there historical sites and points of interest we will see when we take a Wilderness Adventure trip?

Yes!  Depending on which trip you go on, you can see old trappers cabins, old homesteads and ranches from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  You may hear stories about early mountain men, Native Americans, outlaws, early settlers and more.  This area is rich in history.

Will we see any wildlife and learn about them?

One of the splendors of the Bob Marshall is its diversity of wildlife.  It is one of the last best places for several threatened and /or endangered species.  Among these are lynx, bull trout, grizzly bears and grey wolves.  Numerous other species are common as well, including mountain goats, big horn sheep, elk, deer, forest carnivores, resident native birds and migratory birds.   You never know what you might see on a trip.  We do our viewing from a safe distance and learn about the ecology and habitats of these species.

What should I bring and what will Bob Marshall Wilderness Outfitters supply for a trip?

You will need to bring your personal gear, clothes, sleeping bag and a pad.  Bob Marshall Wilderness Outfitters will supply your tent, all the food, all the camping supplies, your riding animal and tack for riding.  For a complete list, go to the page What to Bring.

What airport should I fly into?

Our Base of Operations is near Charlo, Montana.  Our main trailhead is the North Fork of Blackfoot which is about 70 miles east of Missoula.  Most likely you will fly into Missoula and will either meet us at the trailhead or we will pick you up at your hotel for the ride to the trailhead. The other Airports depending on which trailhead your trip is leaving from could be Helena, Great Falls or Kalispell, Montana.

Where do I stay the night before and after the trip?

We have worked closely with the Courtyard by Marriott in Missoula that will give you a special rate.  Tell them you will be going with Bob Marshall Wilderness Outfitters to get the reduced rate.  From experience we know your stay will be relaxing and comfortable.  This hotel is close to a wide variety of restaurants and local attractions.  Here is the link to make your reservation and receive the reduced rate Courtyard Marriott Reservation Link for Bob Marshall Wilderness Outfitters.

Why should I pick Bob Marshall Wilderness Outfitters for my summer/fall adventure pack trip?

It’s the little things that can make a big difference.  Sleeping on our comfortable cots on summer roving trips, rather than pads on the ground, keeps you rested and energetic.  We are committed to providing you with a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff.  We take extra precautions for your safety and enjoyment.  Maybe most important is making your wilderness trip accomplish what you want.  We truly appreciate your business and look forward to making new friends.

Where do I get fishing and license information?

The fishing in the Bob is spectacular.  The cold water ecosystems support some of the best trout fishing anywhere for native wild Westslope Cutthroats and Bull Trout.  Rainbow and Brook Trout are plentiful as well.  Bull Trout fishing (with a catch card) is allowed in portions of the South Fork of the Flathead, but you must first take the free Bull Trout ID test on Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks website.  While on that site, you can get all the fishing information including licensing information.  The web site is: http://fwp.mt.gov for all information.

For the bull trout ID test, go to: http://fwp.mt.gov/education/angler/bullTroutIdProgram/default.html.

What will the weather be like?

Cool mornings and warm afternoons are the norm.  Temperatures in the summer and early fall will range from the 40’s to 90’s on average.  Generally the mornings are cool and will warm up throughout the day.  The mountains tend to be cooler than the valleys.  Rain is always a possibility, so a light jacket and rain gear is essential.  For up to the minute weather and future forecasts, go to the website:   http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mso/

How long are the pack trips?

Most of our trips are 6 to 10 days in length; however, we can do custom trips that meet your needs and time frame.

How long will we be riding?

On travel days we try to be out of camp by 10am.  We will then ride for a total of 3 or 5 hours on average.  We will stop and take a break every hour to hour and a half.  We will also stop for a longer lunch.  If we see something of interest to you, we can always stop for pictures or just to enjoy the sites.

Where do I go to the bathroom?

When in camp we have two portable bathroom tents and toilets we set up.  These will be among the first things we set up when we get to camp.  One is for men, the other for women.

Is it safe to take a wilderness pack trip?

Everything in life has some risk associated with it.  Driving your car, flying, walking across the street or just walking into a store has some risk.  Traveling in the wilderness by horse or mule is no different.  We only use horses and mules that have experience and are comfortable being in the backcountry.  All of our guides are required to have first aid training.  Connie has been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years.  We carry a satellite phone in the event of an emergency.

Do you have trip insurance?

Yes we have a trip insurance option with our membership to our state professional organization, Montana Outfitters and Guides Association. To purchase please click this link:  https://www.montanaoutfitters.org/travelersinsurance/


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