We are offering a Mule Packing and Wilderness Skills Class

June 9 – 13, 2021


This Class will include: horse and mule trail riding ~ mule packing ~ wilderness skills ~ stock management ~ food preparations and cooking ~ and backcountry ethics.


When the Wilderness Act of 1964 was passed into law by Congress, its intent was to preserve an enduring Wilderness for future generations. Essentially, a place set aside to preserve the natural character of a special landscape, not significantly altered by man, so that future generations can experience a wild and natural environment.

Wilderness was specifically designated to keep mechanized use limited to emergencies only. The only ways to access Wilderness is on foot, by horseback or floating. Using Stock in Backcountry and Wilderness requires specific skills. Our goal is to provide them to you.

BMWO Wilderness Training Center focuses only on “Equestrian” horse and mule use in the wilderness. Our “Hands On” classes are designed to build your confidence and teach horse owners, or future horse owners, how to trail ride, pack mules, safely camp, recreate responsibly in Wilderness and care for stock while in the remote backcountry or Wilderness areas.




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Discounts available if you have taken a mule packing class from Smoke Elser and/or Jordan Knudsen.


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