June 9 – 13, 2021


This Class will include: horse and mule trail riding ~ mule packing ~ wilderness skills ~ stock management ~ food preparations and cooking ~ and backcountry ethics.


When the Wilderness Act of 1964 was passed into law by Congress, its intent was to preserve an enduring Wilderness for future generations. Essentially, a place set aside to preserve the natural character of a special landscape, not significantly altered by man, so that future generations can experience a wild and natural environment.

Wilderness was specifically designated to keep mechanized use limited to emergencies only. The only ways to access Wilderness is on foot, by horseback or floating. Using Stock in Backcountry and Wilderness requires specific skills. Our goal is to provide them to you.

BMWO Wilderness Training Center focuses only on “Equestrian” horse and mule use in the wilderness. Our “Hands On” classes are designed to build your confidence and teach horse owners, or future horse owners, how to trail ride, pack mules, safely camp, recreate responsibly in Wilderness and care for stock while in the remote backcountry or Wilderness areas.




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Discounts available if you have taken a mule packing class from Smoke Elser and/or Jordan Knudsen.


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Would you like to spend your summer and fall riding horseback in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana and get paid for this experience?

Explore the Mountains, rivers, and valleys on horseback in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Meet people from all over the United States and the world. Fish in pristine rivers and streams. Sleep under the stars and enjoy the quiet solitude of Wilderness. And best of all get paid to do this?

Bob Marshall Wilderness Outfitters is a growing business and is seeking a wilderness “Camp Cook”.  We feel this position is one of the most important on the crew.  Experience is preferred, but we are willing to train the right person.  The knowledge, skills and abilities for this job include someone who has a desire to cook in a unique setting, excellent interpersonal communication, an outgoing personality, detailed oriented, a willingness to learn and be a team player.  Pay is dependent on experience.

For more information and to apply, go to BobMarshallWildernessOutfitters.com , click on the “Employment Opportunities” button or just contact us.

General George Washington who was the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, established the first “official” mounted regiment in 1776.  

The mounted Army deeply aided the westward movement and settlement of the west during the 1880’s.  The horse and the Army were synonymous.  Forts were built across the west as the frontier was settled.  

The Army or Cavalry was totally dependent on the horse until the 1930’s.   

Troops of the 9th Cavalry were stationed at the Regiment’s new home in rebuilt Camp Funston, Ft. Riley, KS, in May 1941.  

In the early 1930’s the Cavalry field manuals were rewritten. The last version that focused on horses was published in 1936. After that, the nature of the Cavalry changed, and the manuals depicted tactics for halftracks and armored cars.  

Beginning in 1942, the Army began the full decommission of horses and mules.  

The last mounted cavalry units were the 127th and 129th Cavalry Squadrons, activated late in WW II and inactivated by 1947.  

The last active cavalry post was Ft Riley, KS, where the Cavalry School was inactivated on 31 October 1946. By 1947, all Army equine training and educational programs for mounted troops had ended.  

A few small detachments remained for special events like parades and ceremonies.  

In today’s world environment, it has been discovered by Military Special Operations units (Army, Navy and Marines), that there remains a need for training in the use and packing of horses and mules.  We have been honored to aid in that training over the last few years.  Our goal is to continue to offer this specialized training.  

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